The Show of Photosynthesis

Solar panels have a photovoltaic conversion efficiency of only about 20%, yet they are considered an effective green energy solution. The public’s attention to photovoltaics and other fossil fuel alternatives even exceeds their concern for climate change.

This is a “show” dominated by technology, productivity, and ideas, where the energy loss in this “show” exceeds 80%. It discusses the technocratic solutions in addressing climate crises.

太阳能板的光电转化率仅有 20% 左右,被认为是有效的绿色能源解决方案,而大 众对于光伏和其他化石替代性能源的关注甚至超过气候变化的关注。

这是一场由技术、生产力和观念主导的“表演”,这场“表演”的能量损失超过 80%。 这个作品旨在讨论应对气候危机时的唯技术论 / 技术官僚主义的解决方案。


Sun, solar panel, window, grass, soil, lights (640nm, 460nm, normal white) battery, solar system controller, room

All lights are powered by solar energy